3 Times You Will Pay More Than Your Binding Estimate

12 October 2016
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When moving, it is a good idea to look for a binding estimate or a binding not-to-exceed estimate, as these will give you a more realistic idea of what you will pay when your goods are delivered than a non-binding estimate will. However, many long-distance movers will only offer non-binding estimates. It is also important to keep in mind that there are certain circumstances that will allow your moving company to charge more than a binding estimate. Below are some situations when you may go over either a non-binding or a binding estimate. 

You Add Extra Services 

Often, extra services are not included in the original estimate. Extra services may include last-minute packing services, shuttling services due to a lack of parking near your building, or stair/elevator fees in your new home. These can all allow your mover to legitimately charge you an extra fee. However, the good news about a binding estimate is that you will only be required to pay the original fee to receive your belongings. Your mover must submit a second bill to you for the additional services that you accepted on moving day. 

There Are More Items to Move Than Originally Negotiated 

If the items you are moving change, the estimate may not cover everything. This happens when people try to sell items before a move and are unable to or when they forget to show a moving company representative an extra closet or attic that is being moved. With a non-binding estimate, the extra items will usually be added to the load and then you will be charged accordingly. With a binding estimate, your mover may refuse to load any of your items until you work out a new contract or agree to make the current contract non-binding. 

You Are Unable to Pay the Bill On Delivery

With a binding quote, you are expected to pay the full amount of the quote when your items are delivered. If you are unable to pay that amount for some reason, your mover will likely hold your items in storage until you can pay the agreed fee. However, to receive your items you will also be required to pay the storage fees that have accumulated since your original delivery date. 

While binding quotes are a great option for consumers, it is important that you know when extra fees may still be legally added to a binding quote. Click here for more information.