Moving And Want Your Deposit Back? Hire A Moving Cleaning Company And Focus On These Things

19 January 2023
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Moving out of a rental property and want your deposit back? Do you also want to avoid extra charges? If so, it's wise to hire a moving cleaning company to go through the property.

It's obvious to most that you need to have the kitchen cleaned, like all the appliances and countertops and sink. Other areas like bathrooms need to be cleaned as well. However, there are some other things you want to focus on, and that need to be cleaned to make sure the place looks great when the landlord does a final inspection.

Carpet and Floor Cleaning

A main area where the landlord may try to charge you is the flooring. If they see stains on the carpeting or any damage to the floor, this could be costly or they could try to keep your security deposit.

Have the carpets cleaned by a professional with a commercial-quality steam cleaner. They will treat all of the stains, and remove dirt, bacteria, odors, and some discoloration. Also, have all the hard surface floors cleaned thoroughly by the cleaning team.

Baseboards to Window Trim

Tell the cleaning company all wood needs to be wiped down from the baseboards to the windows. Wood trim that looks dusted or has scuff marks can give the appearance of a worn down or dirty space. Ask that a high-quality wood cleaner is used if there is a natural stain on this wood. All cabinets for the kitchen and bathrooms and any other special woodworking in the house should also be wiped down properly.

Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning

Windows need to be properly cleaned. Depending on the weather at the time of the moving cleaning, doing the outside may be difficult. Ask the cleaning company what the cost may be to have the exterior of the windows cleaned. This way when the landlord walks in to do an inspection and looks through the windows, it's a clear picture they see outside.

Call more than one cleaning company and ask about what they charge and what is included in their services. If you have certain areas of the property you are especially concerned with, you will want to ask about these areas in advance and possibly send pictures. This way the team knows what to focus on when they get there. Leave the property looking better than when you arrived, and have lots of pictures of the property post-cleaning in case the landlord tries to charge you or keep your deposit. 

For more information about moving cleaning, contact a local company.