Reduce The Load Before Moving To Your New Home

27 April 2016
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Hiring movers is probably the best way to remove a lot of the stress that comes with moving from one home to another. Instead of having to go through all of the work of packing, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking, your tasks will be limited to packing and unpacking. Of course, you could hire a service that does all of the packing for you, but doing it yourself will help you to go through all of your things and decide what to move to the new house and what you can part with to reduce the load before you go to the new house. Below, you will find a few tips that can help you expedite the packing process while reducing the number of things being taken to the new home.


Before you begin packing your clothing, go through the closet and look for things that you haven't worn in the past year. If entire seasons have gone by without you wearing something, get rid of it.


Shoes can take up quite a bit of space and oftentimes, many of them aren't even worn. Look through your shoes and get rid of the shoes that you refuse to wear because they hurt your feet, the ones that you no longer have the outfit that you wore with them or that just don't look nice anymore. You don't need five pairs of work shoes taking up space in your closet.


Toys can take over your home quickly. Kids want so many different things and play with them all for a very short time before moving onto something different and forgetting all about the things that they begged for. This can be a tricky task to get done because when the kids see you getting out the toys that they haven't touched for months, they may become interested in them all over again and talk you into keeping them.

Kitchen Supplies

Many people have a big cabinet filled with Tupperware without matching lids or that is an odd shape and isn't used. Go through the cabinet and get rid of the containers that you never use. Look through to find the lids and bowls without a matching bowl or lid respectively.

Have yourself a moving sale a couple weeks before the move. You might be able to sell your unwanted or unused stuff to help you make the move much easier. For more moving tips, talk to professionals like Quick n Careful Movers.