Tips To Make Moving With A Toddler Easier

28 April 2016
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Moving can be difficult regardless of your circumstances. However, when you're preparing to move and you have a toddler to care for, it might seem nearly impossible to get everything done. In addition to preparing your home for your move and completing your regular daily tasks, you need to prepare your toddler for this huge transition. So, before you start packing, check out these tips to discover how you can make moving when you have a toddler easier.

Discussing the Big Move with Your Toddler

Your toddler's whole life revolves around your house and your daily routine, so moving might not be a simple concept for your little one to grasp. It's possible for moving to make your toddler feel like his or her whole world is being torn apart. However, you can ease your toddler's mind easily by talking to your little one about the upcoming move. During your conversation, you need to make sure:

  • Your toddler understands that your whole family is moving. You don't want a conversation about moving with your toddler to be misunderstood. If your toddler thinks that anyone in your family is being left behind, it could cause your little one a lot of unnecessary stress.
  • Talk to your little one about your new house. By taking the time to talk to your toddler about your new house and describe his or her new room, it encourages him or her to get excited about your upcoming move. If you can, you should consider taking your toddler to see the new house before you move.
  • Tell your toddler that you'll be taking his or her things with you when you move. Toddlers like things that are comfortable and familiar to them, so it's important to tell your little one that the stuff in his or her bedroom is moving to your new house. If your toddler doesn't understand that the belongings are going with you, consider packing a "treasure box" by putting your toddler's most important items in a specific box and taking that box with you.

Hire Movers

You don't want to add too many additional tasks to your daily schedule. If you do, you could become overwhelmed quickly. Hiring movers will make the entire moving process easier on your family -- especially your toddler. If you hire movers to move your things from your old house to your new one, you'll have a bit of extra time to spend with your little one -- who might be a little extra clingy on moving day because there is so much going on in your home.

Have Your Home Packed by Movers

When you hire a moving company, you should consider having the movers pack up your house for you. This way, you can have your spouse or a trusted friend supervise the movers so that you can spend the day with your toddler. Your little one won't see any of the packing or moving, so he or she is less likely to be anxious about the move. Once everything is unpacked in your new house, bring your little one to the house to explore the new surroundings.

Moving can be stressful at any time, but when you have a toddler, it's harder because your plate is already so full. So, to make the process easier, hire movers to help you and discuss the entire move with your little one before moving day arrives. Click here for more info about how a moving company can help.