The ABCs Of Smoothing The Chaos Of Moving With A Dementia Patient

18 May 2016
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If you are in charge of the care of a loved one who has dementia, you are no stranger to the bouts of confusion and frustration that can come along with the loved one having a difficult time with their memory. There may come a time when your loved one can no longer safely live in their own home, and, therefore, may have to pack up their things and move in with you. A sudden change in surroundings is definitely something that could trigger confusion for a person who has a difficult time recognizing even their own surroundings at times. There are a few simple rules to help you smooth the transition from their home to yours. 

Arrange several trips to your home before moving day.

It is never a good idea to move a patient suffering with dementia suddenly to a place that they are not familiar with. Make sure the week or so before the move, you make several trips to your home with your family member so they can be continuously reminded of what will soon be their new home. Even though your loved one may forget a lot about the visits, they may learn to recognize your home a little more so the move will not be so alarming. 

Bring the movers in for an introduction and then make an exit with your loved one. 

If you can make arrangements to introduce the movers to your family member before they start hauling away furniture, it will be the best route to take. However, it is not a good idea to hang around and allow your family member with dementia to watch the movers packing away their items. Make an introduction to the movers, letting your loved one know these people are there to help them get their things, and then take the family member somewhere else while the actual moving is taking place. 

Create a space in your home that is similar to their own. 

Before you bring your loved one into your home for their first night to stay, make sure you give them a space of their own that they can be somewhat familiar with first. Bring in a few specific pieces of furniture that they use most often, such as their recliner and bed. Hang some of the decor from their home on their walls and even set up their sleeping space in a way that is similar to what they had in their own home. 

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