Packaging Toys Appropriately When Placing In Storage

25 May 2016
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If you have several old toys that your child does not play with any longer, and you wish to keep them in a storage unit in case you have another baby in the future, you will want to package the items appropriately so they do not suffer from damage due to long-term storage. Stuffed animals, plastic toys, and children's books all need to be cared for in a specific manner so they stay in the best of condition. Here are some steps you can take in ensuring these items are packaged the right way when placing them in a storage facility.

Place Stuffed Animals In Plastic Enclosures To Keep Dirt-Free

Stuffed animals should be washed before putting in your storage unit so there is no chance of mold or dirt expanding over the cloth surface of an animal due to high humidity levels. Launder all plush toys in a delicate cycle to remove surface dirt. Tumble dry on a low setting, but do not package until they are completely dry. If you decide to let them air dry for a bit, place them on a table in the sun to help remove all moisture from within each toy. Place these inside a plastic garbage bag and tie the top of the bag into a knot to keep air out of the enclosure. Tape the end of the bag onto the bag itself to keep it airtight. Place each bag of stuffed animals inside a large plastic storage bin for added protection from dirt and moisture.

Increasing The Life Of Plastic Toys By Cleaning And Covering

Plastic toys tend to get dirty as they are made from a porous material. To help keep plastic toys in the best of shape, wipe them down with a mild detergent containing bleach. This will kill any bacteria from each toy before it is placed in the unit. Batteries should be removed from any electronic toys before storing. Plastic toys can be placed in corrugated boxes or plastic storage bins. Make sure boxes are taped securely to help keep dust from getting inside. Plastic bin lids can also be secured with a piece of packing tape on each side to help keep the toys safe.

Keep Children's Books Clean And Free From Bending

When packaging books to be stored, it is best to use an acid-free archival box for their containment. This will allow the paper in each book to remain intact without any withering or deterioration due to sitting for an extending time period. Books fare well in open-air, making it a great type of container as the cardboard will still allow air flow unlike a plastic storage container's composition.

When placing books in a box, you can either place them flat with larger picture books along the bottom of the box and smaller board books toward the top, or vertically with spines facing toward the bottom of the box with larger books in the center portion and smaller books toward the edges. This will give each book support so it does not bend while in storage. Place these boxes upon a table or shelf so moisture does not become an issue should it accumulate in your storage unit.

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